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Our story


The key attraction will be served gourmet coffee mainly from Costa Rican origin prepared in various alternative ways by a barista. The coffee beverage may be accompanied by a delightful variety of pastries.

The friendly barista would be open to share his or her knowledge on what distinguishes a high-quality coffee from the other commercial brands expanding the coffee knowledge which is today’s tendency.
A variety of teas and infusions will be offered as an alternative to coffee.
Gelato, the famous soft rich Italian ice-cream, made from the best ingredients from around the world and smoothies would more than please those looking for refreshing and sweet taste.

Mission Statement

Transport the client on a tasteful journey that would become such a memorable experience that it would be shared with others.

Competitive Advantage

High-quality coffee, obtained from its farming on the ideal soil and altitude, perfect bean roasting, its handling and up to its final preparation, would be guaranteed to reach the customers' cups. A personalized interaction with the customer, sharing the knowledge on how high-quality coffee is obtained, would be complemented with an excellent customer service. The customer would learn about the origin of the coffee and all the factors influencing the quality of the coffee. The customer will notice the difference when drinking the coffee and realize only Coffee Nut Cafe offers such quality in the area.
Regarding the gelato, its flavor is unique in the area and would definitely be a great sensation.

Store Atmosphere

Coffee Nut Cafe will be a welcoming place you would love to go. It will have a modern design look, beautiful furniture, and an astonishing espresso machine. Comforting ambient/lounge soft music will help you relax while you enjoy a tasteful experience. There will be comfortable chairs or armchairs and coffee cups can share the table with laptops so customers can work while connected to the free Wi-Fi. There will be a book collection so customers can further educate themselves on the whole coffee process, from when it’s farmed all the way until it reaches the cup ready to be enjoyed. Customers may choose to be entertained watching their coffee being prepared on their table if they opt to have to have a Chemex or French Press.